Emerging Ohio singer-songwriter Angela Perley has returned with an anthem of the post-lockdown era, “Here For You”. The latest track from the genre-defying vintage psych-folk-rock artist serves as a preview of a forthcoming solo album.

On her newest single, Perley builds on the swaggering image of towering femininity that made her a captivating frontwoman for Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons. Since going solo with 2019’s 4:30, Perley has taken her indomitable spirit a step further as he loudly proclaims herself with each passing composition. “Here For You” is the kind of intensely personal song that can only come from a solo artist, as Perley soundtracks a poignant pep-talk back into the world with Southern blues stylings that creep through her Midwestern personality.

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Since going solo in 2019, Perley has continued to capitalize on the Herculean work ethic that made her a household name throughout Ohio. From her native Columbus, where her song “Electric Flame” became a regular on local NPR affiliate WCBE, all the way to Europe where 2014’s Hey Kid reached #6 on the EuroAmericana chart, audiences are taking notice of Perley. Artists like Tyler Childers and Lucinda Williams have given her their approval by inviting her to open their shows, and she was in the midst of promoting 4:30 when COVID shut down the live music industry. Angela Perley is back now, with “Here For You” making that loud and clear.

Perley’s yet-unnamed forthcoming album finds her returning to Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, OH, just outside Columbus, where she recorded 4:30. Along for the ride once again are Grammy-winning producer Dave Collins and Perley’s frequent collaborator and Howlin’ Moons bandmate, guitarist Chris Connor.

Listen to the new Angela Perley single, “Here For You”, below or on your preferred streaming platform. Stay tuned to her social media pages and website for updates on the new album.

Angela Perley — “Here For You”

[Video: Angela Perley]