“Come ye lords and princelings of douchedom, hear my clarion call!”

Why does television personality and American chef Anthony Bourdain hate EDM so much that he dedicated a section of his CNN show Parts Unknown, to criticizing it?  Is it the strobe lights? The excessive PLUR? The crowded ballrooms? Bourdain seems to be horrified at the unwarranted amounts of EDM shows popping up in Vegas that are leaving no more room for other acts, such as magicians or comedians.

Bourdain sits down with magician Penn Jillette to discuss the recent changes in Vegas’ entertainment industry. They reminisce over the old performing showstoppers, like Wayne Newton and Danny Gans, and then Bourdain moves on to passively criticize Marquee regular DJ Jason Lima.

In the end, it is clear that Bourdain just does not understand the uprising kandi generation, and feels it is a wave of unprecendented douchey-ness that he simply cannot keep up with.


[via Rolling Stone]