Episode two of the Cory and The Wongnotes YouTube variety show kicked off Thursday with special guest Antwaun Stanley joining Cory Wong and his band. Thursday’s episode focused on gear and saw the group perform “United”, a song co-written by Stanley and Wong last year.

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Episode two opens with Wong arguing with a rogue delay pedal inside of his practice space before video director Ben Kadie interrupts the scuffle. With a newly cleared head, Wong makes his way to the stage for the show’s theme song. After a brief monologue riffing on gear, Stanley joins Wong for an on-stage interview about the same topic. As a singer, Stanley argues that gear doesn’t matter, while Wong jokingly challenges his every sentence.

The song performance arrived as everything one would expect from these frequent collaborators. Strumming along on his Fender Stratocaster, Wong led his backing band into the funky, horn-laden tune. Stanley’s soulful vocals sit prominently atop the mix, spreading a message of love and unity from beginning to end. A thumping bass line from Sonny Thompson carries the song’s verses, while horn accents add depth to Stanley’s powerful, titular choruses.

In an Instagram post on the day of release, Wong noted, “YES the timing of this song is purposeful. twaun and i wrote this last year while there was a lot of turmoil around us. hoping to spread a message of peace and love to those that need it.”

Below, check out episode two of Cory and The Wongnotes, featuring Antwaun Stanley, and click here to pre-order a vinyl containing all songs from season one of the variety show series.

Cory and The Wongnotes w/Antwaun Stanley – “United” – Episode 2: GEAR

[Video: Cory Wong]