Last night, Buffalo-native jam quartet Aqueous began their two-night Northeast run with a show at Great Scott in Boston. The packed Beantown performance included, among many other highlights, a 271-show bust-out cover of The Band‘s “Ophelia” complete with notes of “Kitty Chaser” and Pink Floyd‘s “Echoes”. The band brought out fan-favorite original “Triangle” for their encore, teasing a slew of Dr. Dre tracks (“What’s the Difference”/”Nuthin but a G Thang”/”XXXplosive”/”The Next Episode”), toying with a segment based on their own “Weight of the Word” and, finally, running through the song’s often-omitted and eagerly-traced ending portion.

On top of all that, the more than 25-minute “Triangle” jam included teases of Dopapod‘s “FABA”, serving as Aqueous’s nod to the Boston-native jam favorites and past collaborators while on their home turf. Explains Aqueous guitarist/vocalist Mike Gantzer, “The idea [to tease a Dopapod song] came to me during a deep improv section when I saw a guy wearing a Dopapod shirt, and with it being the birth city of Dopapod, it felt right!”

Listen to full audio of Aqueous’ 11/30/17 show in Boston featuring a nod to local favorites Dopapod below, via taper J.Cable.

Dopapod is in the midst of an extensive pre-hiatus tour of their own in support of their recent 5th studio album, MEGAGEM. Last night, they had a performance scheduled at The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, CO, and by the time they hit the stage, they had heard about Aqueous showing them love in their home city.

Watch a clip from Dopapod’s show at The Aggie below:

Dopapod @ the Aggie 11/30/17 #dopapod #aggietheatre #foco #colorado @dopapod

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HD VIDEO RECAP: Dopapod Covers Pink Floyd, Encores With “I Believe I Can Fly” At The Vogue

Showing their mutual love and respect for their Buffalo brethren, Dopapod included teases of Aqueous’s “Kitty Chaser (Explosions)” within their Aggie rendition of “FABA”, the song that Aqueous had referenced earlier in the evening back on the East Coast.

As Gantzer notes, “With the time difference out there, one of our fans was watching Aqueous setlist updates from his phone and saw the Dopapod teases and told Rob Compa from Dopapod. Rob said he wanted to ‘return the favor.'”

In addition to their clear mutual respect, the two bands have a history of working together. Says Gantzer, “We go way back with Dopapod guys, and have even played a set as ‘Aquapod’ where we learned and performed each others’ tunes as one big mega band, so we’re really familiar and big fans of each others’ catalogs!”

SETLIST: Aqueous | Great Scott | Boston. MA | 11/30/17

SET ONE: Aldehyde, Uncle Phil’s Parachute, Ophelia1 2 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions) > Origami

ENCORE: Triangle3 4

1 BUSTOUT: Last time played 6/6/2015 271 shows
2 Kitty Chaser and Echoes [Pink Floyd] teases
3 Nuthin’ but a G Thang [Dre/Snoop], FABA [Dopapod] teases, Weight of the Word jam
4 w/ ending
On this same night Dopapod teased Kitty Chaser in Colorado.

SETLIST: Dopapod | The Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, CO | 11/30/17

SET 1: Picture in Picture -> French Bowling, Super Bowl, Sleeping Giant, Freight Train %, Present Ghosts

SET 2: Psycho Nature> mini Jam-> Vol 3 #86, Upside of Down, Bluetooth, Please Haalp!, FABA ^ -> Bats in the Cave -> FABA ^

% Heavy onion head teases, Vol 3, and PIP teases
^ Kitty Chaser (Aqueous) jam and teases

Dopapod tour continues tonight (Friday, 12/2) with the bands first of two performances this weekend at Denver’s Bluebird Theater. Aqueous continues their weekend run with a show at Brooklyn, NY’s Rough Trade NYC.

For a full list of upcoming Aqueous tour dates, head to their website. For a full list of upcoming Dopapod dates, head to theirs.

[Cover photos via Chris Capaci of Capacity Images (different dates)]