Aqueous has premiered a pro-shot video of “Eon Don”, filmed during the band’s August 7th performance at Buffalo, NY’s Rocks on Rocks Festival.

This scorching, 32-minute take on one of the band’s oldest tracks came at the end of a three-song second set that began with “Come and Go” and a debut of Weezer‘s “El Scorcho”. What initially appeared as a tight, sub-five-minute track on the band’s 2011 sophomore album, Giant Something, arrived on August 7th as the biggest jam vehicle of the evening, beating out “The Median” from set one and its 24:27 runtime.

Sporting his “Thicc Boi Nation” shirt and a heavy-strumming hand, Mike Gantzer (guitar/vocals) led the four-piece into the opening progression with some heavily distorted chords. Drummer Rob Houk and bassist Evan McPhaden then joined in for the buildup, signaling to Dave Loss (guitar/keys/vocals) to take over the rhythm guitar responsibilities, freeing up space for some lead lines from Gantzer. After several minutes of improv over the “Eon Don” structure, Aqueous dropped into the first verse and chorus before another trip to instrumental territory.

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Upon returning to the verse, Loss and Gantzer traded more vocal lines before blasting off to an improv section that wouldn’t come back for a full 20 minutes. What started as a thrash metal-inspired jam segment eventually delved into some four-on-the-floor dance grooves, guided by McPhaden’s beefy synth lines and Houk’s steady hands behind the kit. Midway through the cosmic exploration, Loss sheathed his six-string in favor of keys, steering the group to the more psychedelic/space rock elements of Aqueous’ sound, and eventually to the end of the second set. Gantzer, Loss, McPhaden, and Houk eventually returned for a one-song encore of ZZ Top‘s “Cheap Sunglasses”.

Watch Aqueous perform “Eon Don” live at Rocks on Rocks Festival via the player below and scroll down for a complete setlist of the performance.

Last night’s premiere served as a preview of the band’s triumphant return to its hometown Town Ballroom with special guests Eggy on December 31st. Tickets to the Aqueous’ New Year’s Eve show are on sale now via the band’s website.

Aqueous – “Eon Don” – 8/7/21

Setlist: Aqueous | Rocks on Rocks | Buffalo, NY | 8/7/21

Set One: Median, Bring Me Down > Fly By Night¹, Warren In The Window²

Set Two: Come and Go > El Scorcho³⁴⁵, Eon Don

Encore: Cheap Sunglasses ⁶⁷


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