Today, as we all prepare to give thanks, Aqueous has released pro-shot footage of their memorable collaboration with the Turkuaz horns at last summer’s The Peach Music Festival. As the band notes regarding the newly released pro-shot video, “We’re releasing this as a huge thank you for all the amazing support we’ve had on the first half of the Color Wheel tour! We are really feeling the power of LOVE!”

After opening their Mushroom Stage set with originals “Origami” and “Weight of the Word”, the Buffalo-based groove rockers welcomed the Turkuaz Horns, billed as one of the weekend’s “artists-at-large,” to add some brass for a sing-along cover of Huey Lewis and the News‘ hit, “Power of Love”. This marked Aqueous’ second-ever live rendition of the track, originally recorded as part of the soundtrack for 1985 blockbuster Back To The Future. You can watch the pro-shot video of the collaboration below:

Aqueous w/ the Turkuaz Horns – “Power of Love” [Huey Lewis and the News cover, Pro-Shot]

[Video: Aqueous]

After the round of 80s nostalgia, Aqueous continued their set with “The Median“, which they eventually guided into “Warren in the Window”. Finally, the band closed down their Peach set with a 22-minute rendition of their own “Don’t Do It” featuring teases of Dopapod‘s “Picture in Picture”. Below, you can watch the band’s official Peach Fest recap video, shot and edited by David Diller of Ninja Video:

Aqueous – The Peach Music Festival – Official Recap Video

[Video: AqueousBand; Shot and Edited by David Diller of Ninja Video]

For a full list of Aqueous’ upcoming tour dates, head over to the band’s website here.

Setlist: Aqueous | The Peach Music Festival | Montage Mountain | Scranton, PA| 7/21/18

Set One: Origami, Weight of the Word, Power of Love (1), The Median > Warren in the Window, Don’t Do It (2)

Set: Origami, Weight of the Word, Power of Love [1, 2], The Median > Warren in the Window, Don’t Do It [3]

1- ft. Turkuaz Horns
2- Picture in Picture (Dopapod) tease

Notes: [1] Bustout 276 shows | [2] ft. Turkuaz Horns | [3] contained a “Picture in Picture” (Dopapod) tease