From joining Jimmy Fallon for his inaugural week of “The Tonight Show,” to receiving an Academy Award nod for best original score in Spike Jonze’s “Her,” Grammy-winning indie rockers Arcade Fire have had a lot of firsts recently.

And, there’s one more to add to that list—selling tour tickets on the discount website “Groupon.”

Tickets for the group’s “Reflektor Tour” are being offered for several stops—including Ottawa, St. Louis, Atlanta and Philly—in some in cases at more than 50 percent off, including fees.

For example, at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa—a short drive from the group’s home base of Montreal—tickets are being offered via Groupon for as low as $22.

It’s common to see bands taking to Groupon to sell tickets when sales are lagging.  But Lionel Richie, who’s currently offering tickets to his “All Night Long Tour,” is different from Arcade Fire, a band who has received a lot of buzz lately for everything from a new, critically acclaimed album to its very own special following a recent “Saturday Night Live” episode.

For now, speculation about the Groupon deal abounds—is the suggested dress code for the tour stops turning listeners off?  Is it the larger venues?  Whatever the answer may be, for those who haven’t scored tickets to the Reflecktor Tour yet, this Groupon deal is not to be missed.


-Sarah Compo