Yesterday, music fans everywhere rolled their eyes upon learning that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose had broken his foot. The news came out hours before GNR was scheduled to play only their second show of the 2016 reunion tour, a performance at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. 

The situation brought up some comparisons to Dave Grohl’s recent situation, as Grohl fell off of a stage in Sweden, broke his leg, and continued the set. Following the injury, the Foo Fighters were forced to postpone a handful of dates, but returned to America triumphantly, with a custom-made throne so Grohl could rock out on stage.

Now that Grohl’s leg is healed, the Foos don’t have much need for their throne anymore. As you can see, Grohl lent the stage-side furniture to their rock and roll counterparts. Watch fan-shot footage of the encore, “Patience” and “Paradise City,” below:

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, the throne was covered for the majority of the performance, but the veil was removed for the encore. Rose even changed a lyric in “Patience” to “I sit here on this chair…” and remarked, “I could see how you could get used to this” in reference to Grohl’s recent tour. No word yet if GNR will have a custom chair made by the time Coachella rolls around next weekend…

Check out the full setlist from last night, below: