When the COVID-19 pandemic kicked into high gear back in March, Backline—the music industry’s mental health and wellness resource—announced its Come Together: Crisis Initiative to help industry professionals navigate the uncertainty of 2020. As the country moves into month seven of the health crisis, Backline has expanded its support group offerings, adding three new resources for music industry professionals and their families.

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Starting on October 12th, Backline will launch Womxn in the Music Industry: Hour of Power, running every Monday from 12-1 p.m. ET. Led by Tina Rix, a psychotherapist and founder of Tina Rix Music & Film, LLC, this virtual support group will create a safe space for womxn in the music industry to support one another as they navigate through the challenges and chapters of life.

Then on Tuesday’s from 4:45-5:45 p.m. ET, Christine Martinez and Hallie Lincoln will lead The Green Room. Martinez’s experience as a mindfulness-focused professional counselor and Lincoln’s experience as the Backline co-founder, psychotherapist, and family member of a touring professional will aid them in creating a safe space for musicians to seek community and clinical support.

Rounding out the new fall offerings is Sound Support: For Families in the Music Industry. Licensed clinical social worker Tania Hollingsworth will lead this group every Thursday from 4-5 p.m. ET. As opposed to the other groups created for musicians, Hollingsworth’s will serve as a judgement-free, confidential space for families in the music industry.

These three new offerings arrive in addition to the longstanding Come Together: Music Industry Support Group, led by Zack Borer and Dr. Chayim Newman of Tour Research Health Initiative, which meets on Mondays from 5:30-7:00 p.m. ET.

“The music community is facing unique challenges brought about by COVID-19’s shuttering of events,” explained Joshua KnightParadigm agent and Chairman of the Backline Board, in a press release.

“Individuals aren’t just facing financial insecurity and loss of work, but peripheral challenges associated with loss of livelihood, depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, creative blocks, and more,” he continued.

On the heels of its one year anniversary, Backline will look to compound upon its success in providing mental health and wellness resources to more than 4,000 music industry professionals and their families with these new support group offerings. Their national network of mental health providers, including therapists, psychiatrists, sobriety and life coaches, and wellness practitioners remain ready to help create a safer and more supported music industry.

Click here for more information and scroll down for a detailed schedule of support group offerings.