Today, on the third anniversary of Neal Casal‘s passing, Backline and the Neal Casal Music Foundation announced the Neal Casal Fellowship. The fellowship will provide an opportunity for one clinical professional to work within Backline to help provide mental health and wellness resources to members of the music industry and their families.

Backline is a nonprofit organization focused on providing customized mental health care and other wellness resources to musicians, music industry professionals, and their families. The Neal Casal Fellow will support Backline’s long-term clinical strategy, working alongside Backline’s Clinical Director and key partners to build programming to support the real-time needs of the music industry.

“The loss of Neal Casal started a ripple, and a long-overdue conversation across the music industry which led a group of us to form Backline in 2019 to create a stronger safety net for musicians and music industry professionals,” said backline Co-Founder and Board Member Jenn Glickman. “Since our inception, we have provided mental health services to thousands of people across the country. The Neal Casal Fellowship is a powerful next chapter in our story with the Neal Casal Music Foundation, and will help us to expand our reach and clinical resources in 2023 and beyond.”

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The Neal Casal Fellowship is a paid position with a weekly time requirement of ten hours per week. Qualifications for the position include a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Psychology, or Social Work (completed or in process) and candidates should be currently enrolled in an accredited Counseling/Social Work Program. Knowledge and/or experience working within the music industry is preferred, but not required.

“Our hope for the Neal Casal Fellowship is to provide clinical support to Backline so that they can continue serving those in need within the music industry,” said Michele Augis of Neal Casal Music Foundation. “On the third anniversary of Neal’s passing, we’re honored to collaborate on a fellowship in his name that will provide services greatly needed by musicians and their teams who bring joy to so many, but often struggle with mental health themselves. We look forward to welcoming the Neal Casal Fellow and integrating them into the Backline mission.”

Applications for the Neal Casal Fellowship are open now. Click here to learn more and apply.