Oh man, I think we’re all familiar with the classic tale of someone getting a bad tattoo. However, this one takes the cake, and I’m not entirely sure what feeling I’m feeling right now because it’s simultaneously so good and soooooo bad. In early October of 2017, Natalie Maines—best known as the lead singer of The Dixie Chicks—took to Instagram to show off her brand-new tattoo on her big toe. While she apparently thought that the tattoo she was getting was an ancient Greek symbol for strength, it turns out she actually chose Bassnectar’s iconic “Bassdrop” symbol.

Getter Bans Bassnectar Gear From Halloween Show, Bass Heads Freak Out On Twitter

Predictably, the Dixie Chicks frontwoman got totally roasted in the comments of her initial Instagram post here, and it’s hilarious and tragic and all the emotions in between. For those interested, you can read up on how Bassnectar designed his logo way back in the day (though not Ancient Greek back in the day) and what he views his symbol to mean here. Welcome to the Bassnectar fam, Natalie!