Yesterday, we learned the terrible news that vandals had painted swastikas and pro-Trump symbols in Adam Yauch Park. The park is dedicated to the late member of the Beastie Boys, commemorating his spirit of tolerance and passion. Naturally, such vandalism sparked an outrage from Beastie Boys fans everywhere, and, eventually, the band members themselves.

That’s what encouraged Ad-Rock to lead an anti-hate rally at the park today, reinforcing the message that love trumps all. The event saw local government officials, Muslim group leaders, and more spoke at the event, all coming together in the name of community spirit.

“We’re all here today because we’re thinking the same thing: Painting swastikas on a children’s playground is a messed-up thing to do,” said Ad-Rock, according to Rolling Stone. “And for many of us, it has special meaning, because this park is named for Adam Yauch, who was my friend and bandmate for over 30 years, but he was also someone who taught nonviolence in his music, in his life, to all of us and to me.”

Let’s hope Mr. Trump gets the message that this country will not tolerate hatred.