The Beatles’ 1967 film, ‘Magical Mystery Tour’, will finally see a high definition release after being out of print for years. Paul McCartney warns audiences, “Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is the product of our imaginations and believe me, at this point they are quite vivid”.   The film, which was initially panned by critics, has gained a cult following in recent years as the legend of The Beatles’ grows.  The film features several Beatles classics, such as ‘Fool on the Hill’, ‘Your Mother Should Know’, and ‘Hello, Goodbye’. Most relevant, however, is the inclusion of the only known video performance of ‘I Am the Walrus’.

‘Magical Mystery Tour’ will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on October 8. A deluxe box set will also be available, featuring both versions, a re-production of the original EP, and a 60 page book. Several theaters will screen the film on September 27, as well. Screening information can be found at