Ben Folds is known for his ability to pump out songs and covers on command while performing on stage, and he’ll continue to do just that from the safety of his home with the latest online performance initiative from the musician during this ongoing shutdown of the live music business.

Announced on Thursday, Folds will host “Apartment Requests” performances via webcast from his current self-quarantine location in Sydney, Australia on Saturday evenings at 6 p.m. EST (Sunday at 9 a.m. from his location).

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“Request to your hearts desire during the live chat, and understand that there’s no science to it. When I notice one I can play, I’ll just launch into it,” Folds mentioned in the announcement post shared to his Facebook on Thursday morning. “Very informal, although I’m still in Sydney where I was on tour with orchestras..meaning I mostly have suits. Haha. I may damn well wear one of those to save my day clothes! See you then.”

According to the announcement, the streamed performances will be free to all, not just those who pay via his Patreon account.

Folds had been performing in Australia when parts of the United States began to get hit hard with confirmed cases of coronavirus earlier this month, and missed his window to return home.

“I moved from a hotel into a temporary apartment situation here in Australia for the next three months, setting up internet and sourcing enough equipment to make music for you,” Fold mentioned in another Facebook post shared on March 21st.

Scroll down to see the announcement. Stay tuned on Saturdays at 6 p.m. EST for Folds’ covers-only performances.