Just a few days ago, funk fans everywhere mourned the loss of the great keyboardist Bernie Worrell. Among the many updates provided by Worrell’s wife, Judie Worrell, was a recent story claiming that George Clinton had not properly paid Worrell for his many years of work in Parliament Funkadelic.

Today, Judie Worrell took her ire to the next level with a public rant against Clinton. The rant was seemingly stemmed by Clinton’s post memorializing the late great keyboardist, in which the P-Funk leader said “The world is a little bit darker and a little less funky without Bernie in it.” Judie Worrell, however, had a different story to tell.

The rant talks about how Bernie Worrell asked for some of the money he was owed to help with his cancer treatment, and that Clinton never returned the call. Judie Worrell then goes on to talk about how the keyboardist essentially ignored Clinton at the recent fundraiser concert, and that a lawsuit is underway to try and reclaim those lost royalties.

You can read Mrs. Worrell’s statement below.

Somebody just sent this to me cause apparently george clinton has opened his lying yap again:
“The passing of Bernie Worrell is a time of “sadness” for George Clinton, the founder of Parliament Funkadelic. “This is a huge loss,” said Clinton in a statement released late Friday, June 24. “The world of music will never be the same. Bernie’s influence and contribution — not just to Funk but also Rock and Hip Hop — will forever be felt. Bernie was a close and personal friend and this is a time of sadness for me personally. P-Funk stands with his family and fans alike in mourning this loss. The world is a little bit darker and a little less funky without Bernie in it.”

FIRST of all, george, Bernie was a personal and close friend to YOU. YOU were never that to Bernie. Friends don’t lie and steal from friends. When he called you in January and left a message that he’d like just SOME OF THE MONEY YOU STOLE FROM HIM for his cancers, you NEVER even returned his call. So, *I* call you out on YOUR lies. Bernie left you standing on the stage at Webster Hall and walked off hand-in-hand with Falu to send YOU a message. (and, no, for once, I didn’t orchestrate that though I applauded his decision). Readers, know this: george clinton doesn’t “stand in mourning” with Bernie’s family, friends and fans because not a one of us wants anything to do with him. His time to make peace with Bernie was when Bernie was dying and reached out to him. I have no more time for george clinton’s lies and obfuscation. At Bernie’s request, when we finished “WOOniversal Truths” by Bernie & Judie Worrell, I am done with george. Once you read the 3rd and final installment — coming soon, YOU can make up your own mind as to who is telling lies. Cause, guess who has the bankruptcy papers that george pretends are “fictitious”. Why do I have them? Because Bernie and I sued george for the monies he owed Bernie. The only thing Bernie and I asked of you is this: don’t buy anything more from george clinton (CDs/DVDs etc.) because NOBODY BUT GEORGE GETS PAID — ever!!!!! george, prove me wrong: show us the payments you made to Bernie and the others over the years. As you can’t do that — go away cause, as I’ve told you before: Karma is a bitch and she’s coming for you.