The world finally gets a good look at BERTHA, the first-ever “Grateful Drag” band, in a new series of videos from the group’s live debut/Inclusion TN fundraiser at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, TN on April 29th.

BERTHA is an “all-star collective of femme, queer and allied East Nashville musicians, fighting hate in TN and beyond” according to the group’s instagram. Intended as a protest against Tennessee’s recent drag ban laws and a representation of queer Dead culture, the band plays the music of the Grateful Dead dressed in drag, as the “Grateful Drag” moniker suggests.

Every member of the band is referred to as Bertha (or a Bertha), and they have remained secretive about their identities until now. In the video description the lineup is listed as Lindsay Lou (vocals), Caitlin Doyle (vocals), Melody Walker (vocals and guitar), Thomas Bryan Eaton (guitar), Jacob Groopman (bass), Alex Bice (drums), Milly Raccoon (fiddle), and Kyle Tuttle (banjo).

Among the collection of live videos from BERTHA’s live debut are an intro jam, “Bertha”, “Brown Eyed Women”, and “Althea”. The band stuck to a clear theme with a setlist comprised of “Bertha”, “Brown Eyed Women”, “Althea”, “Jack-A-Roe*”, “Bird Song”, “Sugaree”, “Loose Lucy”, “Marlene Twitty-Fargo”, “Fist City”, “Mama Tried”, “Delta’s Dong”, “Scarlet Begonias”, “Ramble On Rose”, “Peggy-O”, “Woman Smarter*”, “Stella Blue”, and “Sugar Magnolia”.

Check out footage from the debut of the world’s first Grateful Drag band, BERTHA, below, and follow the band to stay up to date. Bertha indicated a second show announcement is coming soon.

BERTHA – “Intro Jam” – 4/29/23

BERTHA – “Bertha” – 4/29/23

BERTHA – “Brown Eyed Women” – 4/29/23

BERTHA – “Althea” – 4/29/23