Super Bowl LVII is officially in the books. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won their second championship in four seasons, Chris Stapleton brought some country-rock grit to the national anthem, and Rihanna returned to the stage (or, more accurately, returned above the stage) for the first time in seven years.

Sandwiched between high-octane football and a high-altitude halftime show, companies squared off in their own ultimate showdown for the best Super Bowl ads of 2023. Eye-catching celebrity cameos are always a surefire way for a commercial to leave a lasting impression, and this year companies went big on endorsements from famous musicians. Here are some of our favorite music-themed Super Bowl ads from this year.

P. Diddy’s One-Hit Wonders For Uber One

Diddy does it again in this spot for Uber‘s “Uber One” membership. Though it’s established that “Diddy don’t do jingles,” that doesn’t stop the famed producer from stepping into the booth to give new life to a string of one-hit wonders. Kelis‘ “Milkshakes”, Haddaway‘s “What Is Love”, Ylvis‘ “The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)”, and more are revived to emphasize the savings on food and rides from the platform’s subscription service.

Thank You, Dave Grohl

With Foo Fighters returning to the road following the death of Taylor Hawkins last year, we’re grateful to see frontman Dave Grohl getting back to being his normal goofy self that never manages to escape the spotlight. It turns out the former Nirvana drummer is grateful, too, with a Crown Royal ad showing him thanking things from his studio including his vintage mixing console, a tiny guitar pick, a flannel, a main volume nob, and more. An extended version of the ad shows Grohl thanking Canada for everything the country has given us such as Rush, paint rollers, and even football (look it up).

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Sarah McLachlan’s Busch Survival Guide

Back when everyone watched this thing called cable, nothing would test your reflexes faster than reaching for the remote when a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial appeared. Those of us who lived through it can still see those shivering dogs’ faces anytime her song “Angel” comes on, and the folks at Busch play on that in this ad highlighting “The Busch Guide: Cold + Smooth Survival Skills”.

I Guess We’re Not Rock Stars

Your favorite musicians gatekeep the term “rock star” in the star-studded ad for WorkdayOzzy OsbourneKISS‘ Paul StanleyJoan JettGary Clark Jr., and Billy Idol all confirm that the Office Space nine-to-fivers are not, in fact, rock stars. The saving grace of the facetious spot is Ozzy donning a shirt and tie to offer his fellow worker bees a friendly “Hi, I’m Oswald.”

Jack Harlow Reinvents The Triangle

In case you haven’t already, it’s time to ask your nephew who Jack Harlow is. The rapper-turned-actor (who is set to star in the remake of White Men Can’t Jump) appears in this ad for Doritos‘ new BBQ flavor, which the chip-maker somehow hadn’t thought of in nearly 60 years. This latest Doritos experiment follows other such duds as “Allnighter Cheeseburger”, “x-13 D Flavor Experiment”, and “Jumpin’ Jack Cheese” (which had a similar celebrity rollout). Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee Missy Elliott also makes a quick cameo in this ad in which Harlow finds his next musical inspiration in a bag of Doritos, only to be dethroned by Elton John.