The new music video from BIG Something for “Dangerous” finds the North Carolina jam band delivering a blast from the past with vintage-looking footage that could have been pulled from a VHS.

“Dangerous” comes as the band’s latest single from the forthcoming Escape album, due out October 9th. The song joins previously-released singles “Timebomb“, “Heavy“, and “The Breakers“. BIG Something will perform the album in its entirety for the first time on October 9th to close out phase two of the Escape From The Living Room series.

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The video begins with the outdated sight of loading a VHS tape into an ancient TV, and that’s where the journey begins. As the group’s trademark electric wind instrument sounds off, a guitar soaked in overdrive rumbles to a start as the song kicks into gear. In a video that’s part Monty Python, part Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and part 2001: A Space Odyssey, BIG Something shows off some film school prowess with a new video that feels so familiar.

As for the song itself, “Dangerous” shines with the sleek new mystique that has come to define many of the Eclipse singles. The album marks the band’s first studio effort since The Otherside in 2018, and so far shows the musical evolution of the band while still remaining true to the style that’s made them a festival favorite. Drummer Ben Vinograd said of the band’s new album, “We made a conscious choice with this album to get back to our roots musically. We wanted something that hit really hard but was danceable and upbeat. I think it’s a great portrait of where we came from and what we’ve grown into musically over the last 10 years.”

Watch the new music video for “Dangerous” by BIG Something.

BIG Something – “Dangerous” (Official Video)

[Video: BIG Something]