The legendary actor/comedian Bill Murray is such a standup guy… Having recently announced that he will be part of a new performance art show New Worlds, where he’ll be performing the work of Stephen Foster and George Gershwin, he’s now here with an original collaboration with Paul Shaffer that comes in the form of an animated music video.

Murray and the former Late Night with David Letterman musical director spread happiness in this new “Happy Street” collaboration, from Shaffer’s upcoming album with The World’s Most Dangers Band. With Murray singing the words of the happiest tune you’ll hear today, there’s no way you’ll keep that smile tucked away. It’s all about going with the groove, not letting the world bring you down, and “smiling at those you meet when you’re walking down Happy Street.” Watch the video below:

Songs like these, that promote happiness found in nature and optimism in humanity, are what the world needs right now. So big thanks to Bill Murray and Paul Shaffer for putting this song in our heads.

[via CoS]