Last February, luminaries of rock music from classic to modern gathered at The London Palladium for an all-star tribute to founding Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green. The entire evening was documented for a live album and concert film, the latter of which premiered last month via nugs. On Wednesday, producers released a live clip of “Oh Well (Pt. 1)” featuring Billy Gibbons and Steven Tyler sharing the spotlight.

Ahead of the Then Play On track—perhaps the most recognizable from the bands early days—Gibbons steps to the mic, “Yeah I gotta say one of the reasons that I’m up here is I started off, I learned from the best and tonight we’re definitely celebrating the best, you know what I’m saying?”

With that, the all-star ensemble kicked off the iconic riff to “OH Well (Pt. 1)”. With drummer Mick Fleetwood behind the kit pounding out the stomping rhythm, the Aerosmith and ZZ Top frontmen switch off lyrical duty ahead of the frenetic instrumental runs.

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“The concert was a celebration of those early blues days where we all began, and it’s important to recognize the profound impact Peter and the early Fleetwood Mac had on the world of music,” Fleetwood said in a statement about the concert film. “Peter was my greatest mentor and it gave me such joy to pay tribute to his incredible talent. I was honored to be sharing the stage with some of the many artists Peter has inspired over the years and who share my great respect for this remarkable musician.”

Watch Billy Gibbons, Steven Tyler, Mick Fleetwood, and more share the stage for a cover of “Oh Well (Pt. 1)” from last year’s Peter Green tribute concert. Mick Fleetwood and Friends Celebrate Peter Green and the Early Years of Fleetwood Mac is available to stream now via the film’s website.

Mick Fleetwood and Friends – “Oh Well (Pt. 1)”

[Video: Mick Fleetwood And Friends Official]