A run-in with the law on a way to the fishing hole inspired the new Billy Strings single, “Catch & Release”. Out now across streaming platforms, the standalone single takes a folksinging bent and includes Vince Herman as a character.

“Catch & Release” is based on true events that took place on October 6th, 2020 when Billy and the Leftover Salmon frontman were on their way to Dale Hollow in Tennessee for some fishing. Apparently, those two were a little too eager to get to those bass and they got pulled over by a state trooper. A well-established herb enthusiast, Strings was ordered out of the car to do what Todd Snider calls “the stupid human tricks.” Whether they were lucky or the officer just didn’t feel like filling out the paperwork, Officer Looper the Tennessee State Trooper decided to let them go, something Billy calls “Catch & Release”.

This single arrives as both Strings and Herman have new releases on the horizon. On his 30th birthday on Monday, Strings announced a new covers album, Me/And/Dad recorded with his stepfather Terry Barber. Herman on Wednesday announced details of his debut solo album, a country record called Enjoy the Ride.

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Check out the Robert Bohn-animated music video for “Catch & Release” by Billy Strings. The bluegrass picker is set to perform tonight, October 6th, at Stubbs Bar-B-Q in Austin ahead of a set tomorrow at Austin City Limits Festival. A full list of dates is available on his website.

Billy Strings – “Catch & Release” (Official Video)

“Catch & Release” Lyrics

Well I woke up this morning ‘bout a quarter past 4, I grabbed my cap and my bag and slipped out the door
I hooked up my tracker to the U-haul hitch, went and picked up Vince and we headed out to peep the sitch’
..figured we’d try to go get into some smallies in the clear water..
praying there wasn’t nothin’ to get snagged up on.

So we’re cruisin’ somewhere near Livingston, I had some herb in my bowl and I lit it again. I was jabbered in the jaw and crimson in the eye, on the way to Dale Hollow I was floatin’ like a butterfly. Then I got stung by a bee.

Had to squeeze the mustard, uncle Vinnie said “wow” I saw then I saw the lights flash and my heart sank down, then a man rolled up with a real nice lean and I rolled down my window and he smelled my weed.
He said “I’m officer Looper the Tennessee state trooper and I’ll take your license and your registration and your grass.

I guess it was only a matter of time.

He said “where you headin’?” I said “to catch some bass” he said “step on our under my magnifying glass” he made me watch his fingers and touch my nose then he made me count to 30 but then he let me go. Made my day.

I reckon it was a little catch and release.

So that there’s my story and I want you to know, if you’re gonna go fishin’ ya better take her slow, better look both ways and keep her in line, let this be a lesson to your partners in crime: always watch your six and nine, don’t roll through the stop sign,
you don’t always need to make the verses rhyme, don’t be mixin’ liquor with your wine, if you feel so inclined, keep me in mind and by the way only break one law at a time.

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