There’s something special about introducing a friend to one of your favorite musicians and seeing it “click” for them. Over the past few years, Billy Strings has been making waves in the jam and bluegrass scenes, thanks to his outstanding picking ability and truly powerful voice. Last month, comedian Josh Pray heard Billy Strings for the first time and filmed his reaction for the whole world to see. It was nothing less than priceless.

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“Bluegrass is a totally different breed of country music,” said Pray after acknowledging his appreciation for other variations of the genre. “Listen: there is an artist named Billy Strings. The greatest name ever! Billy Strings. He is the Edward Scissorhands of country music.”

Pray went on to describe how a fan recommended Strings’ music and how he had never been exposed to bluegrass music in the past.

“Bruh, this man got a song called ‘Dust In A Baggie’,” he said emphatically. “When I heard ‘Dust In A Baggie’ I’m like, ‘you know what, I’m not trying to listen to no cocaine music. I ain’t trying to listen to nothing that’s gonna put me back on the street. ‘Dust In A Baggie’ will make you want to go get a small plane and fly to Columbia!”

Pray continued to discuss the feelings he gets from the song and bluegrass in general. “Bluegrass music does something to your soul… this is the music that Jesus gonna play when he come back!”

Of course, he also took a moment to mention Strings’ voice, which he compared to the sound of bacon popping in the morning, a powerful car starting up, and 46 orgasms. Before ending the video, Pray personally thanked Strings for “Taking Water”, from his 2019 album, Home. Below, watch the entire reaction and click here for more of Josh Pray’s comedy videos.

Josh Pray – “Billy Strings is the Michael Jordan of Blue Grass Country”