Billy Strings has released his latest studio single, “Wargasm”, an indictment of the military industrial complex and our society’s fascination with violence and hate. Featured on the track in an unlikely pairing is viral rapper/singer/songwriter RMR, who drops in—along with some wavy, hip-hop sonics—to add his take on the matter.

“Wargasm”, written by Strings, RMR, Aaron Allen, and Jon Weisberger, arrives today along with a Grant Claire-directed, paper-animated music video depicting various images of war, death, and destruction.

“Wargasm” was one of many songs Billy Strings and company debuted during the six-night Deja Vu Experiment livestream residency at The Capitol Theatre earlier this year. The song has remained a setlist staple throughout Billy’s ongoing 2021 touring campaign, which has produced several distinct, notable renditions.

It’s safe to say, however, that the studio version of “Wargasm” breaks the mold more cleanly than any live performance so far.

A traditional bluegrass tune through three minutes and twenty seconds, “Wargasm” shifts gears as RMR enters the fold for his urgent verse. Acoustic strings are replaced by 808s and rippling electronic effects as the song briefly morphs into something entirely different. While the grass thread runs through the minute-long departure, the vibe shifts toward the sounds of modern hip-hop, resulting in a segment that wouldn’t sound out of place on a track by Billy’s buddy, Post Malone. Then, just like that, we’re back to bluegrass.

The choice of RMR as a collaborator on the anti-war bluegrass track is not as random as it may seem.

The singer rose to viral fame on the back of his March 2020 track, “Rascal“, a streetwise reimagining of the Rascal Flatts tune, “Bless the Broken Road”. The video for “Rascal”, which features RMR in a ski mask and bulletproof vest flanked by a heavily armed entourage in the style of a trap video, was an instant success due to what seemed to be an audiovisual contradiction: far from a trap banger, “Rascal” is a heartfelt ballad sung over graceful piano accompaniment.

In line with Billy Strings and “Wargasm”, “Rascal” made a bold statement on the ever-present violence in our society with its unlikely cocktail of lyrical content, musical style, and shocking visual imagery.

Stream “Wargasm” by Billy Strings ft. RMR on the platform of your choice here or watch the official video for the track below.

Billy Strings featuring RMR – “Wargasm” (Official Video)

[Video: Billy Strings]

Billy Strings will continue his busy year on the road with a lengthy run of summer and fall tour dates. For ticketing information and a full list of upcoming concerts, head here.