Brothers Chris and Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes used their respective instruments as weapons to fend off an unwelcome stage crasher during their show at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday.

The onstage melee took place as the band wrapped up its performance of the entire Shake Your Money Maker album. About 30 seconds into the song “Stare it Cold”, the last track on the album, security guards rushed across the stage to apprehend a man who jumped onto the stage. As they struggled to control the rowdy fan, Rich Robinson went into full blown ass-kicking mode, lifting his guitar and using it to bludgeon the intruder. Chris immediately had his brother’s back (despite their famously tumultuous relationship), spearing the trespasser with his microphone stand.

“Hey, you throw that motherf–cker out, right? You get the f–ck out of here!” a band member yelled as the crowd cheered.

The stage crasher was ejected from the venue, and The Black Crowes went on to restart the song.

Watch video of the altercation below.

The Black Crowes have upcoming tour dates in North and South America, including an appearance at Innings Festival in Tempe, AZ on February 25th, 2023. The band released an EP of covers from the year 1972 entitled 1972 earlier this year. For a full list of dates and tickets, visit the band’s website.

The Black Crowes Fight Off Stage Invader – 11/20/22

[Video: Greg Valentine]