Much like how their fans waited four years for some new music, Black Pumas eagerly await a visit from “Mrs. Postman” on the band’s latest single. The new track from the indie psychedelic-soul project is set to appear on its highly anticipated sophomore album, Chronicles of a Diamond, out October 27th.

Despite having just one album of all new material to their name, Black Pumas already have an instantly identifiable sound, one that is present from the opening piano notes of “Mrs. Postman”. Singer/lyricist Eric Burton is at his best when he’s in love, as the infatuation pours from his pen and adoration coats his vocal cords. Meanwhile, multi-instrumentalist Adrian Quesada plays the puppet master as he constructs the track around Burton’s free-form sing-talking that feels bound to no particular rhythm.

Chronicles of a Diamond will signal Black Pumas’ first album of all-new material since their lauded self-titled 2019 debut. In a recent interview with NME following the album announcement last month, Burton said that Chronicles is more like a “second debut” rather than a sophomore follow-up. The new disc hears more of a collaborative effort between Burton and Quesada, as opposed to Black Pumas, on which Burton was tasked with finishing lyrics to tracks largely completed ahead of time by Quesada.

“On this album, I’ve become a different kind of recording artist,” Burton said. “My ideas and thoughts on the production, the music behind the songs and the messages within the song close the coagulation of all of those aspects of the process.

“It’s been a huge undertaking, and it was really hard for me to do,” he continued. “This was my first time experiencing making an album to this degree. Thankfully, I have some of the most talented musicians I’ve ever collaborated with, as well as one of the most talented producers that I’ve ever worked with. What a perfect umbrella of talent to cultivate the artist, especially as it pertains to doing it in the studio.”

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Watch the video for Black Pumas’ new single “Mrs. Postman” or stream it on your preferred platformChronicles of a Diamond is available here for pre-order. The band recently announced a run of four concerts in their native Texas, the band’s first live appearances since suddenly canceling all tour dates last August.

Black Pumas – “Mrs. Postman” [Official Video]