Legendary singer/songwriter Bob Dylan has been making music for over 50 years, but the man hasn’t slowed down yet. The studio engineer of Dylan’s 2015 album, Shadows in the Night, confirmed Dylan’s work on a follow up release. 

In Billboard, engineer Al Schmitt said “it’s going along great,” in reference to a new album that features Dylan covering standards. The 2015 album, Shadows in the Night, saw Dylan covering lesser-known tunes by Frank Sinatra. It’s unknown whether the new album will feature Sinatra covers or other artists.

“He sounds great,” said Schmitt. “His mood in the studio is fabulous. We’re having a good time. We’re like two old shoes together now, we’re so comfortable with one another now.”

Of course, while the 74-year-old has shown no signs of stopping, Schmitt took the time to admire his astuteness. “He’s extraordinarily smart and he’s so aware of everything that’s going on, so he knows what’s happening at every moment.”

We’re excited to hear what Dylan has to offer in the new album!