Handwritten lyrics for the song “Like A Rolling Stone” by master American songwriter Bob Dylan have been sold for over $2 million, shattering the previous record for handwritten lyrics (“A Day In The Life” fetched $1.2 MM in 2010). The lyrics were auctioned off yesterday at Sotheby’s.

We previously reported about the appraisal of the lyrics, which is the only known surviving draft of the iconic song. The words were scribbled on hotel stationary in Washington D.C., and includes references to Al Capone, “dry vermouth/tell the truth,” and more. 

The auction was part of a “History of Rock and Roll: From Presley to Punk” theme, which included guitars played by Eric Clapton and John Lennon, and a contract signed by Jimi Hendrix agreeing to work in a studio for the price of $1.00.

[Via NPR]