Bob Weir and Jackie Greene found themselves on the court of Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA on Wednesday night, where the two musicians led fans in attendance in the singing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” ahead of the Warriors/Rockets playoff game.

Weir and Greene, both California natives, sang out the lyrics to the often-difficult song in unison with the occasional harmonic contrast. Both men had also performed together during last weekend’s BeachLife Festival in southern California. While there was no improvised jamming this time around to extend the often overdone anthem into the 10-to-15-minute range, their a-cappella version of the patriotic tune did the job in getting the night’s entertainment off to a hot start. Fans can watch the entire pre-game performance from last night below.

Weir, who has been one of the Bay Area’s more well-known musicians over the last five decades, is no stranger to performing the National Anthem in front of his hometown fans. Deadheads and baseball fanatics may remember Weir’s performance of the patriotic song alongside his then-Grateful Dead bandmates Jerry Garcia and Vince Welnick before a San Francisco Giants game in April 1993, among others occasions.