While Phil Jackson is best known for his behemoth NBA dynasties and championships, we have a feeling that L4LM readers would be delighted to discover that Jackson is a devoted Deadhead. This isn’t exactly new information, but an article that appeared in the New York Post this morning highlights Jackson’s “special bond” with the Grateful Dead.

Guitarist Bob Weir, who was on hand for the Grateful Dead’s induction into the Madison Square Garden Hall of Fame earlier today, spoke to the Post about Jackson. He said, “He’s a singularity in the world of sports… He’s a guy who is a pure manifestation of spirit — both in physical, mental and emotional form. A singularity. There’s nobody like him. He’s got a clarity about him as a player in his physical actions back then and as a coach/president. It’s the kind of clarity he imparts that motivates players. He’s a wonderful guy to hang with as well.”

Weir continued, saying, “I’m quietly proud he’s a fan.” Jackson currently serves as the President of the New York Knicks organization, and also won championships with them as a player in the 1970s.

Jackson has been attending Dead shows since his glory days as the coach of the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, where he would stand behind drummers Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann at concerts. Kreutzmann commented on this, saying “I appreciated him as friend and he liked us… He liked the music and liked to be behind Mickey [Hart] and I so he can see the interaction.”

Jackson has also vacationed with Weir, though we have a feeling Bill Walton may still hold the title of the NBA’s biggest Deadhead… both literally (Walton is 6’11”, three inches taller than Jackson) and figuratively (Walton will be featured as an announcer during the ‘Fare Thee Well’ broadcast intermissions).

You can read the full story on Phil Jackon via NY Post.