Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir found himself at the Daytona International Speedway last weekend, supporting his sister-in-law Leilani Munter who is a driver on the ARCA series. Weir showed off his support by affixing the well-known “Steal Your Face” sticker on her car, giving it a touch of Deadhead love before the race.

Though Munter was as high as 5th place in the race, she ultimately finished in 19th after being caught behind a wreck. Would she have done better if the TV network had spelled “Grateful” properly? No one knows.

The “Steal Your Face” logo is a popular bumper sticker for Deadheads, originating in 1969 and getting its name from the song “He’s Gone.” The lightning bolt and skull images have since become ubiquitous in the band’s artwork, both officially made and fan made.

[H/T Relix]