Bob Weir made his long-awaited return to Berkeley’s Greek Theatre on Saturday for a concert with Wolf Bros. The show saw a surprise guest sit-in from Ramblin’ Jack Elliott as well as a bust-out from Weir’s RatDog catalog.

Opening up with “Not Fade Away”, Weir immediately made a veiled reference to Grateful Dead history as it was on that very stage where a Deadhead tradition was born. When the Dead played the Greek Theatre on 5/13/83, they closed the second set with “Not Fade Away”, at which point the ravenous crowd of California Deadheads kept the beat going all the way through the encore break. From there on, the tradition was born for the crowd to keep up the iconic rhythm until the band returned to the stage, culminating with 80,000 fans clapping along at Soldier Field during the final Fare Thee Well show in 2015.

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros – “Not Fade Away” > “Cassidy” – Berkeley, CA – 7/24/21

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Alongside The Wolf Pack string section—composed of woodwind specialist Sheldon Brown, violinist Mads Tolling, trombonist Adam Theis, trumpeter Brian Switzer, and cellist Alex Kelly—Weir and his Bros bassist Don Was, drummer Jay Lane, keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, and pedal steel player Greg Leisz rolled through “Cassidy” before Weir took another dive into the history books with “She Says”.

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A relic from the RatDog songbook, Weir had not performed the tune publicly since 7/11/14, marking the song’s Wolf Bros. debut. The Wolf Pack briefly departed for a solemn “Friend Of The Devil” before returning for “Black Throated Wind”, only to depart once more for “Tennessee Jed”. Another surprise came as folksinger Ramblin’ Jack Elliott sauntered onstage to offer his assistance on “Mule Skinner Blues”. Upon Elliot’s departure, The Wolf Pack returned to close out the first set with “Weather Report Suite” into “Let It Grow”.

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros w/ Ramblin’ Jack Elliott – “Mule Skinner Blues” – Berkeley, CA – 7/24/21

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Returning for set two, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros. started off on their lonesome with “You Win Again” before The Wolf Pack came back out and settled in for a long stay. The jam-heavy second set got into gear with “Scarlet Begonias” which kicked off a sandwich of “Playing In The Band” into “Uncle John’s Band” before a “Playing” reprise. The Wolf Pack didn’t budge as Weir counted off the intro to his reggae-infused ode to The Golden State, “Estimated Prophet”.

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros – “You Win Again”, “Scarlet Begonias” – Berkeley, CA – 7/24/21

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Drummer Jay Lane took the show into high gear with the rollicking rhythm of “The Other One” before Weir slowed things down a bit with a reflective “Standing On The Moon” sans Wolf Pack. The entire ensemble then came together for one last rocker with a fitting “One More Saturday Night”.

Bob Weir & Wolf Bros – “Standing On The Moon” – Berkeley, CA – 7/24/21

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Upon returning to the stage, Weir, the Wolf Bros, and The Wolf Pack offered a serene “Ripple” before bringing the house down with the same “Not Fade Away” that started the show.

Setlist: Bob Weir & Wolf Bros. | Greek Theatre | Berkeley, CA | 7/24/21

Set One: Not Fade Away [1] > Cassidy [1], She Says [1] [2], Friend Of The Devil, Black Throated Wind [1], Tennessee Jed, Mule Skinner Blues [3], Weather Report Suite [1] > Let It Grow [1]

Set Two: You Win Again, Scarlet Begonias [1] > Playing In The Band [1] > Uncle John’s Band [1] > Playing In The Band [1], Estimated Prophet [1] > The Other One [1] > Standing On The Moon, One More Saturday Night [1]

Encore: Ripple [1], Not Fade Away [1]

[1] w/ The Wolf Pack

[2] Wolf Pack debut, LTP by Weir 7/11/14

[3] w/ Ramblin Jack Elliott