On March 21st, YouTuber Adrian Grimes uploaded a coronavirus parody of Queen‘s iconic song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, titled “Coronavirus Rhapsody”, which has since garnered almost 4 million views. While countless have enjoyed the song for its topical nature—and, quite honestly, killer vocal work that would make Freddie Mercury proud—some have criticized Grimes and suggested that the song is callous.

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In the video’s description, Grimes notes,

I’ve had a few comments suggesting that this is “insensitive”. I want to emphasize that I know where these people are coming from. My wife works in healthcare and I have two young kids; I know very well how this virus could impact my family. Every day that my wife goes to work, I hope it is another “bonus” day we get together before the wave hits and I don’t have to quarantine her and stop our children from hugging her. However, I hope that even in those circumstances, should they occur, I will still be able to maintain a sense of humor, and a lot of comments from people already affected by coronavirus have told me how much they appreciate this. I thank you for your understanding in these unprecedented times.

This writer and many of the commenters, however, understand and appreciate the light-hearted humor and creativity in the song—something the world definitely needs more of during this global pandemic. “Coronavirus Rhapsody” contains lyrics that promote COVID-19 best-practices, and it also provides listeners with clever and humorous lyrics, such as: “So you think you can stop me and just shake my hand?/ So you think we can hang out and not break our plans?/ Oh baby!/ Can’t do this to me baby!/ Just gotta stay home/ I hope I don’t run out of beer.”

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Many commenters expressed their appreciation for the video, like YouTuber patrice northam:

I have been so depressed, frustrated, etc. like many people…and you literally saved the day. I thank you. I have never heard anyone perform these vocals so well since Queen. Every lyric is perfect and hilariously sad, if you understand. I truly cannot thank and praise your work enough. I can keep going today, and will start every morning with this.

Listen to the “Bohemian Rhapsody” coronavirus parody below:

Adrian Grimes – “Coronavirus Rhapsody”

[Video: Adrian Grimes]

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