New Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody has been generating plenty of media buzz since its release. It’s well on its way to breaking long-held box office records and shows no signs of slowing down after premiering on November 2nd to a more-than-$50M opening weekend.

While Bohemian Rhapsody continues to virtually print cash at movie theaters around the world, plenty of critics have decried the film for its often chronologically-inaccurate depiction of Freddie Mercury‘s defining moments as well as the troublesome manner in which it depicts Mercury’s exploration of his sexuality. One of the biggest timeline misses in the film is its portrayal of the events surrounding Queen’s legendary performance at Live Aid in 1985. In Bohemian Rhapsody, Freddie Mercury learns of his HIV status just before Live Aid, adding a layer of subtext and emotion to the climactic performance in the film. In real life, Mercury wasn’t aware he was HIV positive until two years later. And that just cracks the surface of the problems of misrepresentation in the film.

However, despite the narrative license taken with the events surrounding Live Aid, their depiction of the concert itself and, in particular, Rami Malek‘s recreation of Mercury’s performance are uncannily accurate. In a clip shared on YouTube you can see the original footage of Mercury performing “Radio Ga Ga” at Live Aid (“the real life”) side-by-side with Malek’s portrayal of the performance in Bohemian Rhapsody (“just fantasy”). It’s movie fun at its best, however you might feel about the film as a whole.

Queen/Bohemian Rhapsody – Live Aid 1985 – Side By Side

Bohemian Rhapsody Trailer

[Video: 20th Century Fox]

…and since we know you’re thinking about it now, and there’s truly never a bad time to watch it, here’s a high-quality video of Queen’s full Live Aid 1985 performance without Rami on split-screen. Enjoy!

Queen – Live Aid 1985 – Wembley Stadium – London, U.K