Netflix’s original series BoJack Horseman is a special show, with the critically acclaimed dark-comedy cartoon gaining fans worldwide for its expert navigation of tragedy and comedy through the missteps of the show’s deeply flawed hero. On September 8th, in conjunction with the release of the show’s fourth season, the soundtrack for BoJack Horseman will drop via Lakeshore. Today, fans got a taste of what’s in store for the show’s soundtrack with the release of a song of the album—a cover of America’s 1971 “A Horse With No Name.”

For the version of “A Horse With No Name” on BoJack Horseman (Music From the Netflix Original Series)Patrick Carney, drummer for The Black Keys, teams with singer-songwriter Michelle Branch. Carney is no stranger to the show, as he previously provided the theme song for the animated series. For his collaboration with Branch, the duo offers a stripped-down and airy rendition of “A Horse With No Name” that still keeps in line with the melancholy aesthetic of the show.

You can listen to their rendition of America’s “A Horse With No Name” below, courtesy of Lakeshore Records.


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