Bootsy Collins recently teamed up with guitarist Christone “Kingfish” Ingram on the freaky single “Creepin'”, which was included on the veteran funk bassist’s 2020 The Power Of The One studio album released this past October. Over the weekend, Collins shared a new music video for the track which takes viewers right back to Halloween.

Like the rest of his career, the video for Collins’ “Creepin'” is not short on flash. The entire 5:19 minute journey is cloaked in a soupy filter that distorts the images as Kingfish performs at Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale, MS. Meanwhile, Collins slaps and croons from The Ark Studio and occasionally dons a wolfman mask to up the creep factor. Collins told Rolling Stone of the unconventional video,

I wanted it to be the kind of thang that messes with your mind and questions your sanity. Well, I started to think about my hallucination ‘dazes’ when I was stoned out of my mind in a room about six by eight — just big enough to lie down on a bed — trippin’ out on Hendrix and Howlin’ Wolf. I remember seeing things and colors creepin’ in and out of my room, it was all kinda creepy. Remember this was the first room I ever had to myself.

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As for working with Kingfish, Collins discovered the guitarist through his videos on YouTube,

I loved his bluesy soulful sound. I also liked his voice. I hit him up online to ask him would he like to solo and sing on a song with me, and he said of course… He sent me what he was hearing and we went straight to work. My engineer Tobe Donohue and I picked out the best takes then arranged the song. Next thing you know, we were ‘Creepin’’ in that six by eight room I was talkin’ about! I love it when you get a great idea and it becomes even greater when you add the right ingredients to it.

Watch the new video for “Creepin'” from Bootsy Collins featuring Christone “Kingfish” Ingram.

Bootsy Collins – “Creepin'” (ft. Kingfish)

[Video: Bootsy Collins]

Throughout The Power Of The One, the pioneering funk bassist is joined by a revolving cast of familiar faces including Branford MarsalisVictor WootenLarry GrahamChristian McBride, and even noted philosopher Dr. Cornel West.

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