Famed funk bassist William “Bootsy” Collins has released his latest album, The Power of the One, via Bootzilla Records/Sweetwater Studios.

Although The Power of The One does not include a collaboration with Buckethead (as Collins had hinted earlier this year) or his recent “Stars” single featuring Dr. Cornel WestSteve Jordan, and Béla Fleck, the forthcoming project features an impressive mix of guest musicians including, Branford Marsalis, Victor Wooten, jazz guitarist George Benson, Dr. West, Christian McBrideChristone “KINGFISH” Ingram, and Larry Graham.

As Bootsy explained in a statement about the album when it was announced last month,

‘The Power of the One’ is what pulls us through. Everyone has “The One” inside of them. You never know who is using you for guidance, so always be pure and never fake the funk. Everybody’s got a light. Everybody needs to shine. It’s there, we just have to trust and use the guidance that is within us, and know that The One knows your program. It was written inside your heart before you made that mad dash racing to be the first one to the egg! You are perfect in the eyes of The One.

Of note, the album includes the track “Jam On“, which features the unlikely combo of Bootsy, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg, and young guitar phenom Brandon “Taz” Niederauer.

As Niederauer told Live For Live Music about the session with Collins for “Jam On”, which took place back in January, “It was such an honor to be asked to play on this record. Bootsy is an absolute legend, and to be in the studio with him was an amazing experience I’ll never forget.” Snoop was not in the building for the session, though Bootsy told Rolling Stone it didn’t matter: “Snoop Dogg was so smooth with his thang, he could call in his part on the phone.”

You can stream the new Bootsy Collins album, The Power of the One, below:

Bootsy Collins – The Power of the One – Full Album

Check out a full listing of tracks and guests on The Power of The One below:

Bootsy Collins – The Power of The One – Track Listing

Funk Formula 1
The Power of the One (feat. George Benson & Williams Singers)
Slide Eazy (feat. Ellis Hall & Rod Castro)
Creepin’ (feat. Christone “KINGFISH” Ingram
Jam On (feat. Snoop Dogg & Brandon “Taz” Niederauer)
Lips Turn Blue (feat. Emmaline)
Funkship Area – 51 (feat. Christian McBride & Brother Nature)
Bewise (feat. Robert “Bewise” Harding)
Soul Not 4 Sale (feat. Hollywood Anderson)
Club Funkateers (feat. Branford Marsalis, Danielle René Withers & Victor Wooten)
Wantme2stay (feat. Uche Ndubizu, Branford Marsalis & Larry Graham)
Funktropolis (feat. Johnny Davis & Brother Nature)
Wishing Well (feat. Ellis Hall)
Bootsy off Broadway (feat. Emmaline, Frankie Kash Waddy & Christian McBride)
Stargate (feat. Ellis Hall, Victor Wooten, EmiSunshine & Dr. Cornel West)
Stolen Dreams (feat. Rod Castro, Henry Invisible & Brother Nature)

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