Bootsy Collins saw more stars than usual in his new video for “Want Me 2 Stay”, released on Tuesday.

The song, taken from the funk bassist’s latest album, The Power of the One, features Larry GrahamBranford Marsalis, and Uché. “Want Me 2 Stay” is the former James Brown bassist’s take on the 1970 Sly & The Family Stone track, “If You Want Me To Stay”. In proper adoration of the forefathers of funk, Collins recruited Graham who served as the band’s original bassist.

The video itself is rather minimalist, at least for the likes of Bootsy. Though Marsalis is featured on the track, he doesn’t appear in the video—which instead toggles between Graham, Collins, Uché, and trumpeter Brennan Johns. As the background swirls in a kaleidoscope pattern, the two-pronged attack of bassmasters Graham and Collins comes in at full force in this revival of the classic 70s track.

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While the song may exude feelings of joy in the funky style, Collins faced a difficult task in asking Graham to revisit his work with Sly & The Family Stone. As Bootsy told Rolling Stone,

First of all, knowing his situation with Sly Stone, and how they were not on the best of terms when he left, I was reluctant to ask him to play on the song. But then I thought, ‘Larry and I have always been able to talk about any and everything, so why not ask?’ So I did ask, and we talked about it, and how it would be presented with class, and that he would have approval of the song and video before it was released. Once I reassured him that he would see and hear the final product before we release it, that made him happy so we went to work. We have always aligned in the past, and now in the present even more so. We are alike in many ways.

It all worked out in the end, and now audiences have their collaborative work to enjoy. Watch the new video for Bootsy Collins’ “Want Me 2 Stay” from his new album The Power of the One below. The new recording was also featured in the November edition of the Live For Live Music Monthly Mix.

Bootsy Collins – “Want Me 2 Stay” (ft. Larry Graham, Branford Marsalis, Uché)

[Video: Bootsy Collins]

Bootsy Collins is also set to appear on Phish drummer Jon Fishman‘s SiriusXM program The Errant Path on November 25th. The special episode will air at 7 p.m. ET on the band’s SiriusXM Phish Radio channel.