Indie supergroup of extraordinary best friends boygenius has confirmed the release of a new EP, the rest, out October 13th. News of the four-track follow-up to 2023’s the record arrived hours after the group debuted the rest track “Black Hole” onstage in Boston.

Comprised of songwriting powerhouses Phoebe BridgersLucy Dacus, and Julien Baker, boygenius made sadgirl dreams come true earlier this year with the record and an accompanying tour. Prior to 2023, boygenius had only six songs available on streaming, all found on the band’s self-titled 2018 debut EP. the record tripled the size of the band’s total catalog with the addition of 12 new songs, and with the announcement of the rest it appears the band has even more in the chamber.

boygenius is keeping details of the new EP somewhat close to the matching vests they wear onstage. The band did issue a tracklist with the album announcement, but only kind of. With the exception of “Black Hole”, the letters in all of the song titles are represented only with asterisks. Notably, the number of letters in the four mystery songs’ titles does not align with the record outtake “boyfriend”, which the band previously debuted in Queens back in June. Looks like it’s time to call up Tom Hanks to decipher the clues in a Da Vinci Code-style conspiratorial thriller.

While boygenius is keeping fans guessing on the rest of the rest, the band did give fans a little taste on Monday in Boston with the live debut of “Black Hole”. Though no official audio is available yet, a fan-shot video shows Baker leading the sparse, keyboard-driven song that ultimately breaks open in a climactic build as she hands vocals over to Dacus.

The debut of “Black Hole” wasn’t the only surprise at Monday’s show at MGM Music Hall, with Hozier showing up during the encore to sing backup vocals on “Salt In The Wound” from the boygenius EP.

Watch boygenius debut “Black Hole” and welcome Hozier on “Salt In The Wound” in fan-shot clips below and pre-order the rest here.

boygenius – “Black Hole” – 9/25/23

[Video: CrackerJacq]

boygenius, Hozier – “Salt In The Wound” – 9/25/23

[Video: Brett Williams]