On Friday night, drummer Adam Deitch, keyboardist Borahm Lee, and turntablist Chris Karns came together for a late-night collaborative set at Denver’s Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. Taking the stage around 1:45 a.m. following a high-octane performance by The Party People, the trio wowed the crowd with their improvisational take on EDM laced with drums and keys. Deitch and Lee regularly come together as the electronic duo, Break Science, though all three musicians are frequent collaborators—Lee and Karns also regularly tour together as members of Pretty Lights Live.

Deitch, Lee, and Karn’s Friday night performance came on the heels of a much-buzzed-about set at Wave Spell Live earlier in August, the inaugural music festival hosted by STS9 in Belden Town, California. During the festival set, Karns joined Break Science along with Josh Fairman from SunSquabi, making for a collaborative experience that merged the best aspects of the electronic and live music genres. You can check out video from Deitch, Lee, and Karns’ late-night set at Cervantes’ in Denver below.