Alisa Tiburzi

Just in time for the ending of the Twilight Frequency Tour, Break Science and Michal Menert have released Twilight Frequency, an awesome new EP that features 5 collaborations between the Pretty Lights Music Label artists. Bringing together styles from Colorado, where Menert is based (originally from Poland), and Brooklyn, where the Break Science duo is from, the EP is flooded with trippy synths and live drums, a combination that is sure to get your body moving.

Just press play, and “Electric Touch” immediately reminds you of that soulful, light feel with some psychedelic vocals that is all over Pretty Lights Label, and then those drums kick in. The smooth synths give it a serene but powerful feeling, with vocals infiltrating your mind that are so airy they could practically be floating around inside your head. They add quite a bit of that eastern vibe that must be influenced by Michal Menert.

The soul flows right into the next track, “Out My Window”, which definitely is not lacking in the super-funk. This one would keep you dancing right through those grey clouds they’re singing about. This up-beat track is covered in guitar rifts that bring together the vocals and the drum beat, shooting you off into the next track.

The energy picks up enormously with “Throwback”. This seriously high energy track picks up an electro vibe, adding in some dirty synth lines that take on almost their own solo part. The shortest track on the EP, yet it might be the biggest one. It has almost a retro feel, that resembles Menert’s style, notably from his Dreaming of a Bigger Life EP from 2010. It could have lasted forever, and I wouldn’t have been mad about it.

“All eyes on you” starts off with a singer full of soul and talent – it has a little trap vibe on the drums and glitchy vocals throughout. The breakdown, jamming out with powerful synths and those on-point vocals that draw you in build up an energy that explodes on the last drop full of some more funk and glitch.

“Goin Down”, another seriously funky track that’s similar to a lot of Break Science’s past productions. You’ve gotta move to this one, focusing on some groovy vocal lines. The heavy bassline carries the song through funk to psychedelic and dancy synths. It’s got more of a chill vibe, something you would listen to on the road, full blast.

This is an insanely exciting collab because these tracks are the first ones to be released that are produced by both Break Science and Michal Menert. The two styles compliment each other in many ways, and remains a perfect combination on PL label. Released today for free download (thumbs up for free stuff!), you can get it from either Break Science’s or Michal Menert’s Facebook pages. Download, listen, and share the love!

Electric Touch:

Make sure to catch them at Irving Plaza on November 6, 2012!  Get tickets here.