On Monolith Code, Break Science’s second EP, the duo of Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee came together with Pretty Lights Music to release their strongest studio effort to date. The duo encompasses a variety of styles, with a strong emphasis on Trip Hop, and Hip Hop to go along with the heavy Drum and Bass influence that permeates throughout their music. What separates Break Science from many other electronic acts is their use of live instruments. Drummer Adam Deitch provides live drums, while Borahm Lee uses a variety of different analog synths and other live instruments to create a more in the moment feel, rather than rely solely on samples.
On the first track of the EP, released as the single, “Victory,” the duo gives a strong Dubstep feel to the track, while mixing in a rap verse and a mellow piano line behind the thumping bass. “Beaming Up” throws more curveballs into the musical spectrum, keeping you guessing as to where the song will go. On “Resistance March,” Deitch lays down a strong marching beat, as Lee layers synth after synth to create an interesting musical puzzle while still maintaining a very dance-able sound. “Whole World Locked” takes the listener through a sort of dream-sequence as keyboards pan from left to right before dropping into one of Deitch’s signature break-beats. All the while, Lee continues along with the ambient, spacey synth lines, paired nicely with an equally dissonant vocal line.
The EP’s final two songs, “Light Speed Transit” and “Forest Of Illumination” are yet another shift in sound from the rest of the album. “Light Speed Transit” has a jazzy feel to it, and hits heavy in spots, while mixing the occasional Trip-Hop element while “Forest Of Illumination” features a ?uestLove-esque drum beat, while Lee layers voice after voice and keyboard after keyboard to create a rich palate of sounds and ends the EP on a definite high-note.

Monolith Code is available for free on Pretty Lights Music’s website, and there is no reason for anyone to not download the EP, and enjoy the myriad of different styles and feels explored on the album.

Written By Brian Weidy

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