Brittany Howard was the featured musical guest on Saturday’s edition of CBS This Morning, where the Alabama Shakes singer performed three songs from her debut solo record, Jaimie.

Released in September 2019, Jaimie drew immediate praise from fans and critics alike, with the opening track “History Repeats” receiving Grammy nominations for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance. Following the album’s release, Howard toured as a solo artist and has so far shown no inclination toward reviving Alabama Shakes anytime soon.

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From an undisclosed location in Nashville, Howard takes the stage to perform “Goat Head”, “Stay High”, and “Short and Sweet”. The first two tracks find the powerful singer surrounded by a backing band, whereas the third features her alone up on the stage. These three songs stand as a proper paradigm of the range shown on Jaimie.

In “Goat Head”, Howard recounts a real-life experience of racially-motivated violence she experienced growing up in a mixed race family in Alabama. Being born in 1988, Howard stated she was among the first wave of mixed race babies born in Athens, AL. The song displays her ability to turn that pain into beautiful art, and something surprisingly danceable for a song with such dark subject matter.

On “Stay High”, things drop down a bit in BPM and the focus becomes much more on Howard’s delicate falsetto than any groove. Unfortunately, its hard to listen to this song without picturing the hilarious music video starring Terry Crews. Lastly, Howard ditches her backing band and stands alone onstage with her acoustic guitar for a run through “Short and Sweet”. To an even greater extent than in “Stay High”, Howard’s voice is the clear centerpiece here as she provides sparse acoustic accompaniment to close out her session.

Watch Brittany Howard perform songs from Jaimie on CBS This Morning.

Brittany Howard – “Goat Head”

[Video: CBS This Morning]

Brittany Howard – “Stay High”

[Video: CBS This Morning]

Brittany Howard – “Short And Sweet”

[Video: CBS This Morning]