Last month, Bruce Springsteen appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where host Stephen Colbert mined the inner recesses of the rockstar’s soul with “The Colbert Questionert”, a video of which was published on Thursday.

Despite having made numerous appearances on The Late Show, Colbert has never submitted The Boss to the scientifically formulated list of 15 questions designed to lay bare the most intimate machinations of a person’s psyche. At long last, “one of the biggest names in New Jersey-based music,” as Colbert referred to Springsteen, sat down to take the “The Colbert Questionert”.

Even after six decades in songwriting, Bruce still leaves much to the imagination. Those gaps were filled in the beginning with the first question, what is the best sandwich, to which Bruce quickly and confidently replied, “That’s easy. Three a.m. Peanut butter and jelly. Big glass of milk.”

His response to the following question, what is the scariest animal, was a bit more complicated.

“Scariest animal used to be a shark because I was a surfer when I was younger,” Bruce began. “But I have been bit several times by brown recluse spider and they leave a nasty, necrotic sore, so I would say for me right now a brown recluse spider.” When pressed as to where he was bitten, Springsteen coyly replied, “on my lower body.”

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Another quick hit came with apples or oranges, “Apples. Easy,” before Bruce revealed that he has in fact asked someone else for their autograph. It was a whole lot of someones, actually, as Springsteen’s son has a baseball signed by the entire 1998 New York Yankees.

Things got deep fast as Colbert asked Bruce what he thinks happens when we die.

“Individual consciousness, adios,” Springsteen stated confidently. “But our souls and our spirits I think grow and live on with the people that we’ve love and loved us and with people we’ve had impact on with our work and in our daily experience, so I’m going with that.”

Bruce also revealed that his favorite action movie is the seldom-seen Vanishing Point and that his favorite smell is that of his wife, Patti. Springsteen provided some workout motivation for any couch potatoes out there when asked if exercise is worth it or not, to which he simply responded, “I’m 72.”

“The Colbert Questionert” wound down as Springsteen revealed that if he could only listen to one song for the rest of his life it would be Frank Sinatra‘s “Summer Wind”. Finally, Bruce was asked to summarize the rest of his life in five words: “Damn, what a f*cking ride.”

Watch Bruce Springsteen answer those questions and more as part of “The Colbert Questionert” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Bruce Springsteen Takes The Colbert Questionert