Last Week, BBC’s Newsbeat ran a featured story about the ‘press play’ controversy going around electronic dance music circles lately. Everyone from Deadmau5 to Swedish House Mafia has weighed in on the opinion of pre-recorded DJ sets and the artists who use them in live performances. Often, it is used as an insult, berating a DJ for not being familiar with the craft. This time, however, Calvin Harris gave Newsbeat author Greg Cochrane some quotes about his feelings on the subject. Here are the quotes in question:

“I think it’s not a problem,” shrugs Harris. “In the club you want to hear a produced piece of music, you want to hear the bass, you want to hear it as good as it can sound.

“I used to perform with a band putting all sorts of work into a live show and I can tell you that the reaction was worse than it is when I’m DJ’ing.”

Harris was referring to his live band that he toured with several years ago, which featured Harris on vocals in front of a guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, and percussionist. Cochrane in the article, however, made it seem like he was talking about pre-recorded sets, which enraged Harris, who took to Twitter with his thoughts.







Those were among the highlights of Harris’ extensive Twitter rant against BBC and Cochrane. So far, BBC has sided with Cochrane, refusing to apologize and standing by the story.