In one of the sadder stories to hit the music scene recently, The Times Union is reporting that a Schenectady, NY mother is suing the organizers of the Camp Bisco Music Festival for “negligence, recklessness” and “carelessness” due to a lack of sufficient medical care.

Heather Bynum suffered a “bad reaction to a bad drug”, according to attorney Paul Wein, which has left her a quadriplegic with minimal consciousness. She is still unable to speak, and only just began breathing on her own recently.

Wein’s law partner, Cynthia LaFace has said that “her care for the rest of her life will be astronomical…If they are going to have these big functions with all these people, they are responsible for providing medical assistance to people there”. Both partners have claimed that the festival should have been more prepared due to the history of drug use at Camp Bisco.

Wein is unsure how much time had passed before Bynum received medical attention, but claims her condition had worsened by the time she was transported to an ambulance.

The claim also lists the Duanesburg Planning Board, the Duanesburg Town Board, Schenectady County Public Health and Schenectady County as defendents in the case.