Camp Bisco has changed its policy from all ages to 16+ this year. This may affect older ‘The Disco Biscuits’ fans, “bass wooks”, and responsible parents who want to bring their children to the festival. Camp Biscois known for being a slightly darker festival with its roots in electronica and a newfound influence of dubstep. Some feel this new age policy will actually make the festival younger by decreasing the amount of parents able to attend while letting 16-18 year olds think the festival is geared towards them.The festival released this statement: In an effort to provide all our attendees with the most enjoyable festival experience in a safe and secure environment, Camp Bisco Music + Arts Festival will now be open to patrons ages 16 and up. For fans 15 and under that have already bought tickets, we apologize for any inconvenience. Your order may be considered for a refund through our provider, Ticketfly. Simply contact, by no later than Friday, April 6th 2012. Please include the name of the event, your name, order number, original amount of tickets ordered, and the amount of tickets to be refunded in all Refund Request emails.Tell us what how you feel about the new age change in our comments section.For more information, check out The Disco Biscuits Facebook Page