Everyone can relax –  Camp Bisco is not going anywhere. Well that’s not exactly true, the festival’s location is still up in the air until there’s an official announcement,  but it seems as if Camp Bisco will return somewhere in 2013. Earlier this month, it was reported that the organizers behind Counterpoint and Camp Bisco were seeking and granted approval for a Counterpoint festival in Woodstock, NY, scheduled for July. Counterpoint organizers assured fans that the original festival would return to Atlanta, fueling rumors that the Woodstock site may house some sort of Camp Bisco replacement.

In order to put a rest to some of these rumors, Camp Bisco posted the above image on their official Facebook page, assuring fans that Camp Bisco news is coming. Text on the Facebook page said that news would be announced next week, which is welcome news for many music fans. We expect some sort of major announcement, maybe a location change or something, to come along soon. Something’s gotta change for this festival, although last year seemed much more organized than previous years. But the Biscuits haven’t toured in years, Conspirator seems to be the #1 project for Brownstein and Magner, and Barber is some sort of dubstep DJ. It wouldn’t be crazy for them to have just changed the name to Counterpoint at this point.