Guitars make for great holiday presents. Learning the new instrument, however, can be difficult and intimidating at first, which is why having a knowledgeable instructor plays a key role in mastering the frets and six-strings simultaneously. Well, class is now in session folks, as guitarist Carlos Santana has joined the online education series MasterClass as the organization’s newest guitar teacher.

The iconic guitar player took to Twitter on Thursday to announce his involvement with the online video series, which recruits well-known professionals across the creative spectrum to guide subscribers in learning their skill of interest through pre-recorded tutorials and lecture videos from the comfort of their own home. A new trailer promoting Santana’s new online classes show the famous musician riffing away on his guitar while explaining that he loves to teach in hopes of “watching humans unfurl their wings.”

There are few guitarists more qualified to teach guitar than Mr. Santana. Regardless of how one feels about classic rock, Santana is a true rock guitar pioneer who has played everywhere from the original Woodstock to sharing concert billings with Phish. With over 50 years of professional playing in those hands of his, Santana should make for a wonderful teacher who is just as adamant about teaching folks the soulful impact of the guitar as much as he is with the technical fundamentals.

“I’m so glad to be teaching you my way of life—music,” Santana mentioned in a statement shared to his Twitter on Thursday. “My first-ever online class isn’t only about playing guitar, it’s about how to connect your mind, body, and soul to create sounds that heal people. Join me on this journey.”

Contemporary artists and composers who have taught their own MasterClass series include Tom Morello, Herbie Hancock, DeadMau5Hans Zimmer, Armin Van Buren, and Christina Aguilera.

A statement shared by MasterClass on the announcement of their new instructor also goes on to assure that “Students can expect to walk away with an introspective look at Santana’s unique approach to the guitar, ranging from how to write and carry a melody, and incorporate various genres into his music, to advice on leading a band, and even a guide to his expressive guitar faces.”

Carlos Santana – MasterClass Official Trailer

[Video: MasterClass]

Fans and aspiring guitarists can learn more about how to sign up for Santana’s MasterClass by clicking here.