Today marks a very special holiday, Super Pi Day. We all know that Pi is 3.14, the same as today’s date (3/14), but interestingly, the first digits of Pi are 3.14159, which rounds to 3.1416. As today is 3/14/16, we couldn’t let this milestone go uncelebrated.

Thus, we decided to take a trip down memory lane to when The Disco Biscuits brought their infamous “Pi Jam” to Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. The date may have been 3/1/08, but that didn’t stop the group from having a little fun with the transcendental number. As the group was in the midst of an “Astronaut” sandwich, coming out of a “Run Like Hell” segment, the Biscuits started playing an interesting and unusual chord progression. It was difficult to discern what exactly the band was playing, but around the 2-minute mark, they began chanting “3….1….4….1….5….9….” over and over. The digits of Pi! The crowd picked up on the nerdy improvisation and joined in for the chanting, only to be bombarded with actual pies from the band at the end of the jam.

Check out video from this awesome Pi celebration, below:

And for some more listening pleasure, here is the entire show courtesy of (taped by T.J. Samulis):