The intertwining saga of celebrity look-alikes Chad Smith (the drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Will Ferrell (the universally-beloved comedian and actor) has been amusing to follow. People have remarking on the uncanny resemblance between the two men look alike forever (look at any two photos of them, it’s pretty hard to argue), and in 2014, they put that comparison to good use, publicly promoting a doppelgänger “drum battle” through various public media. The “battle” was eventually staged on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Ferrell doesn’t actually play drums, but it was a fun stunt that managed to raise nearly half a million dollars for charity, and the two have staged further charity “battles” since then.

Chad Smith and Will Ferrell Square Off On Tonight Show

But you know how sometimes a joke will be funny at first, but then it gets overdone and repeated so much that it becomes more annoying than amusing? If his recent Musicians Institute show is any indication, maybe Chad is kinda over the whole Will Ferrell thing, and would rather get the focus back on the music. During the intimate gig, as Smith began to count in a song, someone from the crowd shouted “Will Ferrell!” Chad reacted instantly, screaming his best Step Brothers-style Ferrell “SHUT UP!” before storming offstage. As a member of his band piped up, “That’s not quite as bad as shouting ‘Free Bird’, but you’re pretty close.”

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He did not return immediately, and from the video, it’s not totally clear whether this was a planned gimmick or an actual emotional reaction. When he finally did come back, he singled out the “Will Ferrell” heckler in the crowd: “Who said that? You a musician? Why did you say that?…because you love me? I’m not Will Ferrell, you idiot!…” he said, seemingly irate.

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But Smith quickly softened, flashing his sense of humor: “Nah I’m just fucking with you, I don’t give a shit. I think it’s great. I’m fuckin’ famous because of Will Ferrell [laughs]. Fuck that guy. Right? Yea! I was in like a ‘OK rock band’ for a while, and then this idiot said [sic] ‘I look like you!’ and then next thing I know people come up to me on the street and say ‘hey, you’re really funny!'” he laughed, half-jokingly. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

It’s sort of unclear whether he was actually joking around, or whether the comparisons really are a touchy subject for Smith at this point–its probably a little bit of both. [Note: We know, you’re not Will Ferrell, Chad, and we appreciate you for you.]

Watch the entire altercation below via RHCP Live on YouTube and decide for yourself:

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[h/t – NME]